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We offer a comprehensive range of Estate Planning services such as Will Writing, Executorship, and Estate Administration in Malaysia. Let our team help you find the best-suited solutions and guide you with the complete estate planning solutions which match your needs. You can entrust your Estate Planning needs with us as we have long years of experience.

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By harnessing our company’s extensive experience and expertise, we cover all aspects of Wills and Estate Planning matters.

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Let us make Will writing an easy experience for you, below are the reasons why you need to write your Will now.
I am married
When you marry, your spouse will not automatically inherit all your assets unless you state this in your Will
I have children
With little ones, it is important to assign a legal guardian in your Will if anything should happen to both you and your spouse.
I own property
Assets such as property and other investments should be clearly assigned, to ensure that beneficiaries are left in no doubt as to their rightful inheritance.
I want my say
In the absence of a Will, dying intestate will mean your assets are distributed according to the law, with no regard to your wishes.
I am divorced
In the case of broken relationships, you may wish to remove your ex-spouse as a beneficiary and ensure your children continue to be taken care of.
I want to donate to charities
If you have special causes close to your heart, a Will ensures that your funds continue to support the charities of your choice


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“I was blessed to be able to be part of the Rockwills family and gained valuable knowledge and experience from the great people in the company.”
- Ms. Jenny Lim
Experienced and professional
“Rockwills was very experienced and professional. They understood exactly what I needed.”
- Mr. Kong Lee Sheng, 46
Clearly explained and no pressure
“The advice provided was excellent and clearly explained. I didn’t feel pushed into anything. And writing my Will was a breeze.”
- Ms. Eva Cheng, 32
Simple process with no hassles
“We’ve been putting this off for years! After our third child, I could not delay writing a Will any longer. The process was simple and inexpensive. Should have done it earlier!”
- Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Ooi