Prepaid Package

 At RM 1,988.00* Only

2nd May 2017 – 30th June 2017


  • worth RM 380 (up to 9 clauses)


  • worth RM1,688
  • Safekeeping of Will for life
  • 20% discount on subsequent rewrite of Will
  • Free PA Insurance Coverage of RM 30,000
  • Subsidy on legal fee for GP Application up to RM 6,000


  • Free RWT Executor Appointment Fee worth RM 120
  • 10% discount on UPrepare (Jade 2) Package
  • Transferable at RM 30* only

* All prices quoted above are subjected to 6% GST


What is it?

A prepaid package that is designed just for families to shield their beneficiaries from inconveniences and help loved ones save future costs. Hence, during this Parents’ Day period from 2nd May 2017 to 30th June 2017, Rockwills would like to assist Parents achieve this goal by offering this special prepaid package.
Specifically, this special prepaid package will offer extra benefits to our clients as listed below covering Will writing and Will custody service. In addition, VPromise also comes with additional benefits on free PA insurance coverage of RM30,000.00 and subsidising the legal fees for application for Grant of Probate with an amount up to RM6,000.00.

What are the special features?

  • RM1,988.00 per package (subjected to GST) to enjoy discounted fee on Will-writing and Lifetime Plus Custody:

    • RM300.00 on Will-Writing service (up to 9 clauses)
    • RM1,688.00 Lifetime Plus Custody
  • Waiver of Rockwills Trustee Berhad (RWT) Executor Appointment fee worth RM120.00

  • 10% Discount on UPrepare Package (Jade 2 only) – by 29th June 2018

  • 20% Discount for subsequent rewrite of Will

  • Free Personal Asset Inventory Booklet (PAIB)

  • Free Personal Accident (PA) Insurance worth RM30,000.00

  • RWT must act as Executor to subsidise the legal fees for application for Grant of Probate (including court filing fees and disbursements thereof) for an amount up to RM6,000.00

  • Wills must be finalised and submitted by 29th June 2018

  • Transferable with nominal fee of RM30.00 (subjected to GST)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can buy VPromise during the promotion period and utilise it immediately or anytime not later than 29th June 2018.

VPromise is priced at RM1,988.00 and subject to GST 6%. The net total including GST is RM2,107.28.

When you purchase VPromise, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:
– You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones and friends.
– You can enjoy immediate savings on Will writing fee.
– You can enjoy savings of RM120.00 on RWT Executor Appointment fee.
– You get a 10% discount when you subscribe UPrepare (Jade 2) Package before expiry date.
– Your Will is kept at Malaysia’s state-of-the-art Rockwills Custody Centre for life.
– Certain to locate your Will when it is needed the most.
– You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your Will is free from unauthorised tampering, theft or destruction.
– No need to pay any further custody fee.
– You are able to keep track of your personal financial affairs yearly.
– RWT must act as Executor to subsidise the legal fees for application for Grant of Probate (including court filing fees and disbursements thereof) for an amount up to RM6,000.00.
– Should an unfortunate accident happen and when there are bills to pay, our RM30,000 Personal Accident claim will definitely be a great help.
– Your estate will be taken care of by our Rockwills Trustee Berhad, a license trust corporation incorporated under the Trustee Act, and with decades of experience administering hundreds of estates.
– You can transfer VPromise to your loved ones if none of the features of this package has been utilised.

Just present your VPromise Digital Certificate to your Rockwills Estate Planner to enjoy the package benefits.

It is compulsory for VPromise subscribers to appoint RWT as executor (either sole or substitute) in the Will but the appointment fee is waived.

When RWT has to act as the Executor, RWT will subsidise the legal fee for application for Grant of Probate (including court filing fee and disbursement thereof) for an amount up to RM6,000.00.

Yes, you can fill in the VPromise registration form and make the payment first. However, you must finalise and sign your Will by 29th June 2018.

Yes, it can be a gift for your friends or your loved ones during the parent’s day celebration. The purchaser only needs to provide the name of the subscriber to Rockwills and we will prepare the VPromise certificate under the subscriber’s name.

Yes. If none of the features has been utilised, VPromise is transferable with a nominal fee of RM30.00 (subjected to GST).

The 10% discount is applicable for UPrepare (Jade 2) Package only and the expiry date is on 29th June 2018. You have the option whether or not to utilise the discount on UPrepare (Jade 2) Package.
*UPrepare is a complete Estate Administration Services Package that locks in the Administration rates, provides more discounts when Rockwills is managing the estate and is refundable subject to its terms.